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What is Protonius

Protonius is an online investment platform founded by a team of blockchain enthusiasts to raise funds from investors and then invest these funds in the ICO and blockchain startups. Each project is carefully checked by our team before investing, we also developed the "Proto" neural network, which also checks each project, which saves us time and minimizes risks so our investors can feel safe knowing that their funds are managed by professionals of their business with many years of experience. The platform developed by us is fully automated and protected, which excludes the possibility of theft of funds and the human factor. We offer our investors to receive a lifelong high income on their investments with us.

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Our platform is fully automated and protected. Deposits and withdrawal of funds occurs instantly, which undoubtedly saves time for our investors. We have developed a convenient and functional interface for better interaction with our platform.


Each project before investing passes several stages of thorough verification and only after that a decision is made. Our unique algorithm allows us to identify the most promising and profitable projects.


The data of our investors are carefully protected. We use SSL encryption, which eliminates the possibility of personal data leakage and our platform site is protected from any ddos attacks.

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Our company is constantly evolving and today we are holding our first promotion - a deposit bonus. Investors who make a deposit of $ 100 will receive a 20% bonus and a special offer: those who make a deposit of $ 500 will receive a 40% bonus, please note that this is a limited offer that is valid only for 24 hours, so hurry up! The bonus will be credited to the account balance automatically and is available for immediate withdrawal. Ahead you will find even more shares, so stay tuned!

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